Hume Region Nurses Education Group

The HRNEG is a collaborative group of Nurse Educators from throughout the Hume Region public health care facilities.


The HRNEG aims to facilitate education opportunities for the regions nurses by:

  • Submitting, administering, and accessing relevant funding;
  • Conducting local education needs analysis at a regional level, whilst recognising international and national trends in regard to the practice of nursing and health delivery;
  • Consulting as a group and with relevant stakeholders to plan, conduct and evaluate education coordinated by the group.

Objectives :

  • Ensure relevant education for rural nurses is accessible and cost effective for the regions nurses.
  • To reduce the duplication of education opportunities in the region by communicating and consulting as a group.
  • To share human and other resources, such as training equipment, to enable the regions nurses fair and equitable access to these.
  • To liaise with other identified stakeholders such as regional universities in organising educational programs that can be accessed regionally.
  • To provide a network and forum for the region's nurse educators.

Relationships & Communications :

The HRNEG reports to the Hume Region Directors of Nursing (DON) group.